Friday, May 29, 2009

Life becomes Music and Music becomes Life...

So recently I was thinking about how people influence my life. Of course there are so many people that change life in so many ways it is hard to even count, but then there are the people that change your life without even knowing it. When I was in junior high I meet Tina she was so much stronger then me and had survived there so much. She just made me feel that I too could overcome so anything. Tina would never know who much she influenced me because she is Tina Turner and I have never met her and probable never will. Music has been such an influence to me I can mark important events in my life by who I was listening to at the time. One of my all time favorite artist is Sheryl Crow. I meet her when I was about twelve her first album was out and it was the first tape I ever bought. She was fun, hip and made me want to dance. Her songs were about strong women who were still had doubt and felt pain. She was inspirationally because she was real and so there years we grow up together. I felt her pain and shared in her happiness. When I final went to her concert about a year ago I felt like I final meet old friend it was a wonderful full circle moment.
When I was in high school I meet Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Tom was a cool guy and sang about never giving up. He gave me hope in high school to power through and to tell the people that were jerks to take a hike. I always wish I could have had Tom go tell some of horrible high school kids to just go away it would have sound so awesome come from him. I believe I meet the Cranberries in high School as well. Their music has this entrancing quality. I would listen to it on the bus to cross-country meet to relax. The lead singer was so sad most time, but had edge to her. It was like you broke my heart, but don’t you dare waltz back here without me beating you up. I loved it I could envelop myself in their music and lose myself for moment. It was cathartic music has always had that quality for me. The last person I am going to talk about is Mariah Carey pre-crazy period. I meet her in Elementary School. She was so optimistic and full of hope. I wanted to fall in love like all little girls and Mariah was someone who knows about love. Her high notes made me sing at top of my lungs. I would dream with her all the great loves I would have and the ones that got away. Of course when it really did happen to me (love that is) Mariah was right it was worth it. The only way to sing a love song is at top of longs with all high notes.
Of all the many people that have made differences in my life music has had humongous difference. If I could ever meet any of these famous contributors to my life I would thank them for making such amazing music that spoke to me. I do wish I could meet all of my favorite musicians and give them a collective hug for being talented enough to make me feel they know how I felt. Jr. High, High School and life would be really boring without them.